CEO and Founder of AddiXions Beauty Salon
AddiXions was established in 2012 by Lanitra LaShay, with faith and her willingness to serve she quickly became a name that was recognized with the best of them. In 2014 Lanitra went back to Cosmetology school to obtain her license from Douglas J. Aveda where she obtained both her Cosmetology and aesthetician license.
In 2016, she took what she loved along with Faith and Favor, AddiXions Beauty Salon opened its doors, and is now the the city’s Hottest Salon. Born a Lansing Resident she grew up addicted to all things fashion, pretty hair, pretty clothes, pretty personalities and knew that the act of giving was her spiritual gift, By the age of 6 she was already trying to cut and style her own hair.
By the age of 11 she was doing her hair, neighbors and friends of the family. By 9th grade she was attending a Cosmetology class at Harry Hill Vocational school that was offered by the Lansing School district, where she dropped out and had her first child at age 17.
Now disappointed in herself and wanting nothing more than to make her mother proud she went and obtained her GED and Graduated a month before her scheduled class of 2002. She believes that both inner and outer beauty is connected to your self-esteem, confidence and even your success, which is what lead her to establish a mentoring program for young girls that will be launched later in 2020 to allow young girls to walk in their passion, pursue their goals, enhance inner and outer beauty and uplift a healthy self-esteem. 
Lanitra for years has been using her platform to do GODs work, through her purpose of Love she provides Hope to those who may not ever hear or believe they life the want to live is attainable. AddiXions Salon houses some of Michigan’s most talented stylists.
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